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Teory platform

The teory platform

Teory brings the crypto world to your home in a simplified form. You need no IT or financial skills to use it.

Anyone feeling comfortable with social media, or online banking will be able to use Teory’s surface.

Teory platform

Teory platform, the user-friendly surface

May it be a purchase or selling stuff, Teory’s easy to use platform is a smart and simple solution for anyone.


Its simple and transparent platform makes Teory easy to use even for ordinary people.

Widely used

You can easily sell, purchase, use a service, rent or even perform an auction with Teory.


Thanks to its standalone qualifying system, you'll always know who you are transacting with.

Kriptovaluta platform


After each successful transaction, you can leave feedback for reusable Teory coins in return.


One keystone of Teory’s success is that it’s universal and exchangeable to other cryptocurrencies.


It is possible for merchants and service providers to tailor-fit Teory to their own needs.